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best lighting styles 2018

Best Lighting Styles 2018

At New Leaf we take pride in helping you style your house. Every employee at each store cares about helping you find just the right pieces to make your house a home that reflects your particular style. We want you to feel like your home is a place you can go to and be affirmed…

transitions of life

Navigating the Transitions of Life

I had never met her before. Her son came into our consignment shop to talk to me about downsizing her estate so she could move into a 900 square foot assisted living apartment from her 3,000 square foot home of 42 years. He was a little impatient and bothered by the process, but he was…

How to Furnish a College Apartment on a Budget

How to Furnish a College Apartment on a Budget

Ahhhh. College Life. I remember well the excitement of the college days! The first time I moved away from home to attend an out of town college was the first time I had the experience of living on my own and furnishing an apartment. I lived in that apartment for two years before moving to another school…

consignment shops in auburn and opelika alabama

Consignment Stores in Auburn and Opelika Alabama

Consignment Stores in Auburn and Opelika A couple of years ago I posted a blog on consignment shopping in Auburn and Opelika. That article has been our second most popular post in the history of our blog. Well, over time things change. Consignment shopping in Auburn and Opelika is not immune to that change.  So, it’s…

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