best lighting styles 2018

Best Lighting Styles 2018

At New Leaf we take pride in helping you style your house. Every employee at each store cares about helping you find just the right pieces to make your house a home that reflects your particular style. We want you to feel like your home is a place you can go to and be affirmed in who you are as a person. The best way to do that is to find a style that fits your personality.

Some factors that help accomplish this are:best lighting styles 2018

In this article, I am going to focus on helping you find the right lighting style that will compliment your personality and home decor. Color of the light emitted makes a huge difference as well, but first let’s talk style.

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Best Lighting Tips

The furniture you choose in your house is a fine balance between function and beauty. Some families don’t think much about what’s the perfect style for the personality of their home. Their primary thought centers around whether a piece work for what we need it to accomplish. As those customers shop our store and we begin to ask them questions about what they would like a piece to look like, they can’t seem to give us an answer.  Other shoppers only think style and end up with pieces they bring back to put on consignment because they got it home and it just didn’t do the job they needed it to do. The art of interior decorating is finding the balance between form and function.

The best lighting works the same way. Lighting has a job to do and your selection of lighting has to meet the criteria for the function you want to accomplish. It is important to consider which direction the light is pointed, how much light a lighting unit pushes out, and whether a light will fit in a spot without either being dwarfed by its surroundings or overshadowing other elements around.

The perfect lighting for your space is a unit that will succeed with it’s purpose and also compliment (or even enhance) the style of the room. Here are some lighting styles for you to consider in order to find that artful balance of form and function.

Elegant Lighting Styles

best lighting styles 2018Lights in the elegant lighting style often work well in formal dining rooms, entryways, and sometimes bedrooms. Tall ceilings can often work well for elegant lighting. This lighting style often dresses up a room and is not best used in conjunction with more casual furniture and decor. Brighter and deeper colors work best in elegant areas. You’ll most likely see furniture made of dark woods like mahogany, walnut or cherry.

Elegant lighting often has lots of curvature and you will often see crystal globes or crystal prisms hanging from the lights. Generally, elegant lighting has several smaller bulbs to create enough light to make the unit pop.

Elegant lighting styles are usually best used in historic homes or airy wide open floor plans, but can often dress up a cozy small area as well.

Here are a few sub-categories of elegant lighting.


A chandelier is defined as a decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles. Chandeliers are designed to catch the attention of people and to create a majestic or royal feeling as one walks in a room. Crystal is often used in chandeliers and there are usually between 5-12 light bulbs on the unit.

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Tiffany Lighting Styles

best lighting styles 2018

Comfort Tiffany from New York City started the stained glass craze of the Art Nouveau and Impressionistic period of the 1910-1930’s. Tiffany was known for his leaded stained glass art and the bright colors of his lighting and jewelry. His stained glass style is still copied today. Tiffany style glass can be found in hanging fixtures or table lamps. The shade or globe is almost always the focus of attention on a Tiffany style lighting unit.

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Oriental Lighting Style

Included in this category of lighting is the oriental style. Many times a wonderful oriental feel can be accomplished with porcelain lamps or lighting with oriental symbols or designs. This style of lighting should ALWAYS be a compliment to an already orientally designed room. If not used well, this style lighting can seem disconnected from the room design and stick out like a sore thumb. If used well, it can create a sophisticated experience.

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Historic Lighting Style

In smaller homes, older homes or rustic decorated rooms the Historic style is a good option

. This style creates a more casual feel for the homeowner and may be best for those who view their home (or any particular room) as a place to relax and be themselves. This style could consist of truly old pieces found at resale shops or could be reproductions mass produced for the home decor market. The Historic style is becoming increasingly popular among young Americans. It could include the following sub-categories:

Rustic Lighting

best lighting styles 2018Rustic lighting is defined by being in a style that is rural in nature or is made in a plain or simple fashion. Lighting in this style may be or appear to be rusty or made from parts of some other object. Rustic lighting works well with your furniture or decor that is rough cut natural wood. Grays, blacks and earth tones work well with rustic lighting. Often rustic lighting my look good with Edison bulbs. Pallet furniture has become popular recently and rustic lighting is a good compliment to this type of furniture.

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Primitive Lighting

The primitive lighting style differs from rustic in that it has a more farmhouse feel. It mayincorporate chicken wire, mason jars, oil lamps, lanterns or punched tin in it’s design. Brass is a common metal used in primitive along with wood and iron. Primitive can often have a handcrafted or hand-wrought appearance. Primitive is best used in farmhouse or french country style rooms.

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Mid-Century Lighting

Mid-Century Modern has increasingly become a very sought after look in the homes of young Americans. The mid-century style will incorporate odd shapes and seemingly uncomfortable proportions.  This lighting style generally only works well when incorporated into rooms with other mid-century danish pieces and the color scheme of MCM is very important to create the right effect. When done well, this is an extremely fun style. But it has to be be pulled off, otherwise a room looks like it just hasn’t been decorated in 40 years.

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Other Popular Lighting Styles

Industrial Lighting Styles

The styles of the industrial years of the 1940’s and 1950’s are making waves in modern design. Men gravitate toward this style. Industrial lighting is often all metal and the globes are usually very large. Globes can also be cages or gridded. The entire light is often made of metal and is usually silver or black. This is a great style to target for offices and workrooms.

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Modern – Geometric Lighting Styles

best lighting styles 2018
Modern style lamps, particularly those with geometric shapes, can be used in several design strategies. Geometric lighting units can fit well in both traditional settings and modern designs. They often consist of circles, ovals, interlocking squares or rectangles. Bedrooms do well with this style and it can sometimes work in dining rooms or kitchens. The modern geometric style often creates a clean or up-to-date look and feel.

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The Best Lighting Styles are the Ones that Fit Your Unique Personality

There are no right or wrong lighting styles. You are the person who will best experience the lighting style you choose. There are rules that help you get headed in the right direction. However, in the end, your style is your business. Peruse some of the samples listed in this article and you may even decide to build the design of an entire room around your chosen lighting unit.

Be sure to keep an eye out on New Leaf as we often get lighting of all styles. But if we don’t have what you need, we hope these links will serve to help you find an option that will be perfect for your favorite decor.

What is your favorite lighting style? Scroll down to the comments and let us know!

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