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How to Furnish a College Apartment on a Budget

How to Furnish a College Apartment on a Budget

Ahhhh. College Life. I remember well the excitement of the college days! The first time I moved away from home to attend an out of town college was the first time I had the experience of living on my own and furnishing an apartment. I lived in that apartment for two years before moving to another school…

consignment shops in auburn and opelika alabama

Consignment Stores in Auburn and Opelika Alabama

Consignment Stores in Auburn and Opelika A couple of years ago I posted a blog on consignment shopping in Auburn and Opelika. That article has been our second most popular post in the history of our blog. Well, over time things change. Consignment shopping in Auburn and Opelika is not immune to that change.  So, it’s…

how to shop for a used bed

How to Shop for a Used Bed

How to Shop for a Used Bed Feature Photo by Reclaimed Rustics So, you’ve been sleeping on Aunt Jean’s tried and true solid wood headboard and footboard and it just doesn’t work for you anymore.  You are on a budget, but you are ready to find something that works better with your decor.  One of the…

How Does Consignment Work to Make Better Communities?

It’s Saturday morning and I arrive at my small furniture consignment shop in Auburn, AL still trying to wake up after my morning coffee.  A truck is backed up to the front door with a few pieces of furniture in tow. “We sent you an email earlier this week and you said that you could help us with our…

how to clean leather

How to Clean Leather

How to clean leather is a question we bump up against often in our day to day interaction at New Leaf. Deb McGonagle, our friend and POS provider over at Traxia (click to visit), emailed us a recipe for a DIY leather cleaner. Thanks Deb, I’m sure our readers thank you as well! If you are…


Decorating with Mirrors

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall..who’s the fairest of them all?” Here at New Leaf we have plenty of one-of-a-kind pieces that can spruce up a living space, but if you’re looking to expand a room in a quick and efficient way, we have got just what you’re looking for. Decorating with mirrors is…

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