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How to Furnish a College Apartment on a Budget

How to Furnish a College Apartment on a Budget

Ahhhh. College Life. I remember well the excitement of the college days! The first time I moved away from home to attend an out of town college was the first time I had the experience of living on my own and furnishing an apartment. I lived in that apartment for two years before moving to another school…

how to clean leather

How to Clean Leather

How to clean leather is a question we bump up against often in our day to day interaction at New Leaf. Deb McGonagle, our friend and POS provider over at Traxia (click to visit), emailed us a recipe for a DIY leather cleaner. Thanks Deb, I’m sure our readers thank you as well! If you are…

Consignment Store Shopping in Auburn and Opelika Alabama

*This article is old… Click Here to see an updated list Consignment shopping has been thriving for the past few years.  A struggling economy and the fear that comes along with it have driven people to discover a brand new way of shopping that is better for families, communities and even the environment.  When our economy…

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