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Cookie Jar Collecting

All About Cookie Jar Collecting

Cookie Jar Collecting The New Way to Bring Memories Together Everyone remembers going to his or her grandma’s house as a child. Even when you are two miles away, you believe you smell her freshly baked cookies that you cannot wait to dive into. Your mouth waters as you imagine that she made your favorite…

Reuniting Families through Antiques

Reuniting Families through Antiques

Reuniting families through antiques is one of the most rewarding experiences of what we do.  It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we are surprised.  For example, a few weeks ago we were able to find an old Auburn football program with a picture of our customers grandfather. A few weeks ago we had a nice…


Decorating with Mirrors

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall..who’s the fairest of them all?” Here at New Leaf we have plenty of one-of-a-kind pieces that can spruce up a living space, but if you’re looking to expand a room in a quick and efficient way, we have got just what you’re looking for. Decorating with mirrors is…


Sunday Antique and Vintage Pickin’

Picking. It is something that I really can’t explain or describe. It’s more of a feeling, a fire that races through your veins. It is actually something that I never thought would be apart of my life.  I never imagined just a few short months ago that I would be working in the antique and…

eastlake furniture

Eastlake Furniture Once Over: 1890 Eastlake Chest

Hey Guys!  Welcome to our educational feature where we give a piece of inventory the once over so that you can learn more about the stories of the stuff that ends up in our store.  Each “Once-Over” will have a video at the end to give you a visual of what we share in this…

diy gallery wall

DIY: Gallery Wall

  A gallery wall is the perfect way  to spruce up your home without spending too much money (if any at all) while displaying beloved photos, artwork and mirrors. Creating a gallery wall is simple and can be a lot of fun when you’ve got the right tools– that’s where we come in. Here at…

american brilliant cut glass

Brilliant Cut Glass Primer

Brilliant Cut Glass Glass products have served the human race for about 3,500 years.  Some of the most beautiful pieces are those that are decorated by cutting. What is cut glass? According to the American Cut Glass Association , “Cut glass” is glass that has been decorated entirely by hand by use of rotating wheels. Cuts…

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