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Styling Your Space: Lamps

May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

This is one of my favorite literary quotes because it’s applicable in more ways than one. Right now I’m taking it literally.

When changing the light fixtures isn’t an option, when natural light is sparse, when all other lights are out…lamps come to the rescue. Even with other alternatives, they’re still a great choice. Lamps are easy to implement into a room, they’re easy to change, and they provide a great way to carry style throughout a space. Think of them as a functional home accessory. Another benefit of decorating with lamps is that you can switch the shades and bulbs to suit your needs. Turn a rustic look classic, and use fluorescent bulbs to light a room while conserving energy and money. We’ve been inspired (or should I say Pinspired?) by the impact these pieces can bring!

Classic: These lamps could fit in any space. Cozy and unique, yet simple and elegant – just enough to give any room some flair.


Rustic: Perfect for a space that utilizes the elements. Warm tones and natural (looking) material create a laid back look. This one has a certain charm to it.



Retro: Get funky with sleek lines and geometric shapes. Add some color for even more pizzazz. (Floor lamps also help to add more dimension to your space.)



Whimsical: Whether with color or design, these lamps add fun statements to a space. The great thing is that you can tone them down to make them more subtle, but they can also be as bold as you want!


As you can tell, we have a wide selection of unique lamps in our inventory. What you see here isn’t all – there are plenty more to choose from in store! The ideas are sure to be sparked when you check out our items – see you soon!

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Sunny Chao was a social media intern for New Leaf Galleries for one semester while she attended Auburn University. She is now an area manager for Amazon.com.

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