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Groove Silicone Wedding Band: A Great Gift for Any Occasion

This post is a little off the beaten path for the New Leaf Blog. I’m writing it because I get so many questions about my Groove Silicone Wedding Band. Several folks have even asked if I could carry them in stock. So, I figure the best thing to do is to link you to Groove so you can get one yourself. Yes, I am an affiliate with Groove and will get a commission too. This is easier for me than trying to carry stock in the store, so here you go!

I switched to a silicone ring about 5 years ago. There were a few reasons I chose to do so. Here’s the short list.

Silicone Wedding Band

Four Reasons I switched to the Groove Silicone Wedding Band

The Physical Nature of Working at New Leaf

We move a whole lot of furniture at New Leaf! You guys see it every time you pop in the store. As I was moving furniture a couple of problems arose with my traditional band.

First, the ring would get pushed up against my finger or would get caught on pieces as I was lifting furniture. This can be painful in both instances and dangerous in the second. You have probably heard stories of fingers getting ripped off or the upper and lower layers of skin separating from what’s called ring avulsion. (google it if you have a strong stomach) It is a real problem and one I wanted to avoid.

The other issue was the ring banging up against items. Once I actually cracked a piece of glass on a china cabinet by my ring hitting it just right. These two issues made me realize it was time to think about an alternative to my gold wedding band.

Clamminess, Moisture, and Itching on My Ring Finger

Fear of Losing my Ring

I’ve never been able to keep up with a ring! When I was in high school I lost my class ring about as soon as I got it in 11th grade! Believe it or not, almost a year later someone called from a camp I had attended and said they found my ring in the parking lot under some leaves! Unbelievable! It used to be one of my big fears that I’d lose my wedding band. I actually thought I lost it on my honeymoon! Fortunately, when we arrived back home I found it had fallen off inside my luggage. ARGGHHH! Now I’m not afraid of losing my wedding band.

The Best Silicone Wedding Band on the Market is the Groove Ring

The Groove Silicone Wedding Band is a wonderful gift idea for any man or woman who lives an active lifestyle. Mechanics, plumbers, carpenters, doctors and other folks who use their hands for work especially love the lightness and breathability of the Groove Ring. Athletes and outdoors enthusiasts are crazy about how the Groove Rings alleviates the moisture issue. If you are considering an alternative to wearing your traditional wedding ring I believe you will love it too!

There are clear reasons why Groove Rings stand alone in breathability, comfort and fashionability. I have written an article on another site that clearly defines the difference in the Groove Ring. You can read all about why I think it’s better here. Hop over and see the difference.

So for those of you who have asked me why I wear a “rubber ring,” I hope this has helped. Seriously, check out Groove. Not only is it an amazing product, the people that work for Groove are committed to ridiculous customer service. Peter, the CEO and a good friend of mine, guarantees his product 100% for 94 YEARS! Yep, 94. Nope, I don’t know why he chose that number. They will even replace the ring if you lose it! I’m not kidding. They call it the “No BS Warranty.” That stands for no “Bad Service” and they mean it!

Ya’ll go support this awesome company and try out a product that will protect your valuable finger from injury AND still allow you to proudly display the symbol of your most important and treasured relationship!

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