How Does Consignment Work to Make Better Communities?

It’s Saturday morning and I arrive at my small furniture consignment shop in Auburn, AL still trying to wake up after my morning coffee.  A truck is backed up to the front door with a few pieces of furniture in tow. “We sent you an email earlier this week and you said that you could help us with our…


Gratitude and Happiness

It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude, but gratitude that brings us happiness.  -anonymous   One of the richest “natural resources” in life is the group of people that we interact with daily.  Some of those folks we choose, while others come by chance.  At New Leaf we are filled with gratitude for the folks…

seasons of life

Seasons of Life: Pain and Hope

I went for a short walk this morning in the Auburn University Arboretum to clear my head… WOW! Seasons of Life As I walked through and saw all the vivid colors that signal the coming of change, I thought about all the folks we come across each day at New Leaf. The nature of what we…

Cookie Jar Collecting

All About Cookie Jar Collecting

Cookie Jar Collecting The New Way to Bring Memories Together Everyone remembers going to his or her grandma’s house as a child. Even when you are two miles away, you believe you smell her freshly baked cookies that you cannot wait to dive into. Your mouth waters as you imagine that she made your favorite…

New Leaf Galleries is here to help you

The Skinny and Features of New Leaf Galleries

A Few Features of New Leaf Galleries The Weekly Report As I am beginning to get into the swing of being a New Leaf Galleries team member, I am learning so many new things about our business. I’ve learned exactly what New Leaf’s “Live for Less” mission means to the people around me and myself,…

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