repurposing vintage suitcases

Repurposing Vintage Suitcases

repurposing vintage suitcases

I’ve been lucky enough to fly to different countries, road trip across the US, and even live abroad for two summers. During those trips a map could become like a best friend, reliable and sometimes life-saving. I spent this summer in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and for the whole two months we kept a map in the intern house, so we could find local swimming holes and distinguish between the different “barrios,” or neighborhoods. Returning from this trip, I realized how much I’ve always loved maps, and I sought out to begin collecting them in all their wonderful significance. They really are pieces of art.

The other day I was walking through the store, doing my daily inventory photography for our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, when I noticed two vintage suitcases in the back of the Vintiques section. Being a lover of all things travel and nostalgic, I immediately knew I wanted them and asked to buy them. Kevin was gracious enough to let me have them for free, which made my on-a-college-budget heart sing with joy! One will be used for storing my maps, but what about the second one?

This is where something called Pinspiration kicks in. There are so many images floating around of repurposed vintage suitcases, and I imagine that each of those treasures would look wonderful in my apartment! I’m all about the vintage/frugal chic craze. So my problem has now changed from not having enough ideas to not having enough suitcases! Maybe more will show up in our inventory soon, but in the meantime I’ll probably choose from these found DIY favorites below. Here’s hoping I can make mine look as awesome as theirs!


Suitcase Table via Salvage Love

Suitcase Planter via A Beach Cottage

Suitcase Decor via Richmond Thrifter

Suitcase Portable Stereo via ManMade (WHAT?)


Sunny Chao was a social media intern for New Leaf Galleries for one semester while she attended Auburn University. She is now an area manager for Amazon.com.

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  1. October 3, 2013 @ 2:24 am Kevin E Beasley

    Great article Sunny! Thanks so much for the cool ideas!


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